Bismi Prawn farms pvt ltd.

Bismi Prawn Farms Pvt. Ltd

We are a farming Company nurturing shrimp in the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly manner. Like agriculture.

Bismi Prawn Farms Private Limited


  • We incorporated in 1993 which is the eldest in our aqua-fraternity group of Companies that is running successfully for 3 decades.
  • We produce best quality shrimps nurtured in our aquaculture ponds by providing an ecosystem closest to natural environment in which the shrimps would thrive. In BISMI we completely follow ZERO TOLERANCE to any chemicals and antibiotic residues to produce and supply a healthy world-class food to all our kith and kins (Citizens of all nations) around the world. Our objective in shrimp farming is to re-create a pond environment that is closest to natural habitat where the shrimps would be nurtured with proper feeding and observation by our committed employees.
  • Our shrimp farm is certified by Best Aquaculture Practice and approved by SGS.
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